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Orange, Yellow, Red and Eggplant colored woven textile on a loom.


to Rogue Wovens!

Jay has been weaving for 10 years and has committed that time to building his skills in weaving, dyeing, and finishing handwoven textiles. For the five years he has been working as a contract weaver and dyers for handwoven baby wearing studios where his skills in using complex woven patterns, colors, and hand stitching has set his work apart. 

Today Rogue Wovens exemplifies Jay's commitment to try new things, and create custom and one-of-a-kind pieces and yardage.

Message Jay today to get your custom piece started!

32 Shaft Louet Megado

The Looms

At Rogue Wovens, I utilize a number of tools to create our textiles. From the very simple to the very complex. Our looms also represent that spectrum. Sometimes a simple tool yields the best results, but there are times when complexity demands a more robust tool. I want to introduce you to some of my friends.

Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle

Rigid heddle looms are one of the easiest entry points into weaving. This loom is sturdy, portable, and a go to when I have just a short amount of time to weave or want to weave while engaging in other activities. I often find myself weaving gauzy open fabrics on the rigid heddle loom as it's very easy to place the weft in the exact spot to get the gauzy effect I am looking for.

AVL Production Dobby Loom

This is a monster machine that flies through woven yardage unlike any other hand loom I have used. This is a 16 shaft Loom with 60" of weaving width, and a warp beam that can pack 60 meters of length. I find this loom is best for weaving straight yardage. If size and quantity is what you are looking for, then this loom is the right tool for the job.

Louet Megado Dobby Loom

This loom is the Rolls Royce of production hand looms. With 32 shafts this loom can create highly detailed and intricate pattern work. And with a large weaving area at the front of the loom, there is plenty of room for hand manipulation and detailed hand stitching. This loom is a pleasure to weave on and produces amazing fabric.

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