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Orange, yellow, rose and grey colored warp chain ready for the loom.

Custom Textiles


Choose the length and width of your project. Widths put to 60" and lengths of 2 yards to 50 yards.


Choose from a wide range of finished textiles (seamstress fees additional), home decor, or yardage for your next sewing/quilting project.


We specialize in high end fibers and can source yarn in a wide range of fibers and blends. Examples include Silk, Cashmere, Alpaca, Merino, and many others.


Choose to add chunky or patterned inlays to your fabric for added texture. Inlays can be commercial or handspun yarn for an extra level of personalization.


Choose custom dye colors or submit an inspirational photo for Jay to pick out colors for your piece. Choose colors for your warp and weft yarns for interesting color effects in the finished textile.


Choose from a number of hand-stitched embroidery on your piece to define the middle or edges of your textile.

Custom Inquiry

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