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Light Out of Darkness Shawl

This shawl was woven as a thank you to a dear friend for whom I spent the last few years contract weaving baby wraps. It has special meaning to me as it is off of the last warp I dyed for her studio. I am so grateful for our friendship and our time collaborating together!




Warp Fiber:

Weft Fiber:



5" loose

100% Luxe Silk

100% Luxe Silk

Four blue plastic cones holding silk yarn dyed in four different colors, Eggplant, Red, Orange, and Yellow.
First inch of woven fabric on a loom with a white header to sread the bouts of the warp.
Woven farbic on a loom in yellow, orange, and eggplant. This section shows the transition of yellow eft to orange weft with fading alternating colors.
Yellow and orange weaving on a loom showing handstitched details and inlays in strips leaning first tight, then left.
Woven item on a loom showing a main pattern in orange and a middle marker in eggplant.
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